Draminski Pregnancy Detector

The testing procedure is easily implemented by simply pressing the ultrasonic probe against the animal's skin. When pregnancy is detected, the instrument signals this not only with a rapidly flashing indicator, but also with a high-frequency acoustic

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Laboratory SB10

Capacity (LT): 100 Shelves: 2 Drawers (optional): Up to 2 LxDxH (mm): 600x600x850 Kg: 73 Voltage V/Hz: 230V/50 or 60Hz Absorption W: 227 Refrigerant gas: R404a

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Draminski Estrous Detector

The Estrous Detector monitors changes in electrical resistance of the vaginal mucus. Measurements are taken simply by properly inserting the probe in the vagina and taking the reading. No prior technical knowledge on the part of the operator is requi

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STARLED 1 EVO® Single Light Examination Lamp
STARLED1 EVO is an examination lamp which, thanks to an innovative illumination system based on LED technology (Light Emitti

FRIMED Pharmaceutical Refrigerator

Completely sealed, silent and highly efficient hermetic compressor and ventilated air condenser.    


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